Lin Wanlong visits ICB for CAU Teaching & Learning Audit

Time:2018/9/28 17:37:33       Browse:320

Lin Wanlong, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate School of China Agricultural University, visited 版权所有:lovebet爱博体育 International College Beijing on September 27th to inspect the preparation for CAU Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Audit in October.

Lin Wanlong and his delegates made an inspect tour to review the teaching and learning facilities and archives.

Huang Guanhua, Dean of 版权所有:lovebet爱博体育 International College Beijing, briefed the efforts recently made for the CAU Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Audit. The report is also detailed in terms of the college profile, college positioning, cultivation objectives, curriculum, teaching and learning features, quality assurance, satisfactory achievements and contribution to CAU.

After the inspection tour and listening to the report, Lin Wanlong fully acknowledged ICB’s achievements in the past and contribution to internationalized education for CAU. Furthermore, he gave some constructive advices to improve self-evaluation report and answered questions.

Director of Faculty Envelopment Center Tan Yuzhi, Party Secretary of ICB Chen Minghai, Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu, Deputy Dean Yang Zihua and other staff also sit in the meeting.?


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