ICB Holds Meeting on CAU Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Audit for Students

Time:2018/10/10 15:18:41       Browse:412

ICB held a meeting for students on the CAU Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Audit at ICB conference hall, Oct 10th. The meeting was chaired and lectured by ICB Chairman Chen Minghai.

Chen Minghai comprehensively introduced the CAU Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Audit to all class mentors, student advisors and student leaders, and also elaborated on the background history of CAU and ICB. Chen highlighted that, class mentors shall motivate the students in building a good teaching and learning environment, to well demonstrate an internationalized culture and spirit, to welcome the undergraduate teaching and learning audit with full passion. Moreover, he also pointed out that hope through this process, ICB can push forward its teaching and learning environment to a higher level.

In the meeting, ICB deputy director Wang Ning delivered a presentation, in which demonstrated detailed information about ICB programs introduction, education objectives, cultivation models, etc., as well as ICB’s teaching outcome and students’ achievements. Liu Yanan in student affairs office then made corresponding arrangements in holding a competition in CAU school history in preparation for the audit.

It is also informed in the meeting that each administrative class will have a class meeting to prepare for the teaching and learning audit, to welcome the audit with full passion.

All ICB class mentors, student advisors, student leaders and class monitors were presented at the meeting.??


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