ICB holds meeting on CAU Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Audit

Time:2018/9/12 15:15:06       Browse:381

ICB holds meeting on CAU undergraduate teaching and learning audit on Sept 12th, afternoon at ICB conference hall. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Dean Wang Xiaoyan, Dean Huang Guanhua, Chairman Chen Minghai, Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu, Assistant Dean Yang Zihua and all administration staff attended the meeting.

Based on the current work, Dean Huang Guanhua has put forward new requirements for the preparation of this coming undergraduate teaching and learning audit. He pointed out that, since ICB has attached high importance on this audit, although lots of work has been done previously, the pre-evaluation process reflected that there is still space that needs further improvements. He encouraged all ICB members to be actively engaged and committed, to push forward the teaching and learning quality to a new level through this audit.

Chairman Chen Minghai pointed out detailed issues related to the audit preparation. He highlighted that, CAU undergraduate teaching and learning audit requires full attention by whole ICB faculty and staff. All ICB departments need be fully engaged in their position, make sure all is in order in classrooms, student residence halls, and campus. Every ICB administration staff and faculty will conduct excellent work with full responsibility and passion in the whole process.

Also in the meeting, Deputy Dean Wang Xiaoyan made detailed work distributions and Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu made corresponding remarks. 


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