Opening Ceremony for ICB Freshman, 2018

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On the morning of September 3, the opening ceremony of the class of 2018 was held in the lecture hall of the food science and nutritional engineering college.This year, there were 337 new students been enrolled in economics, communication, agri-business, business administration and international finance.

At the beginning, Dean Huang Guanhua addressed the ceremony and extended a warm welcome to the freshmen. He mentioned the difference between the college and the high school, and the life in ICB will be more colorful compared with other college in China Agriculture University. Dean Huang also gave several advises to students:

?“First, in today's society, human beings are facing various challenges. I hope all of you can have global perspective to adapt to the changing of the world.

Second, be an active learner, join the activities and enjoy your life in ICB.

Thirdly, find your method of learning. It is necessary to have the method to learn and will be helpful for your future development.

Finally, learn from others and to share with others. Team work is very important for you, not only in the college but also in the future. “

Next, Dean Huang gave the blessing of teacher's day to all teachers in advance, and thanked the military training instructors for their hard work for the freshmen.

After that, the award ceremony for the "dean's scholarship" was held.

Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu introduces the students who got ” dean's scholarship”

Lv Yitao, You Yichao, Hao Shaojie and Pangbo got the scholarship which the total amount of 20,000 RMB as encouragement.

Dean Huang and Chairman Chen presented scholarship certificates to four outstanding freshmen and took the group photo.

Next, the teachers’ representative, Daniel Roche delivers a speech.

He said “even ‘good students’ have trouble on learning, but they will ask for help. They think hard, they try hard, and they take advantage of opportunities to exercise and improve themselves. I hop all of you can be a ‘good student’. Every teacher in ICB is willing to provide support and help to every student. We are all ready to help you become a ‘good student’.”

Ding qiuhao, President of the student union of the college, and Lu Ruijie, a freshman of the class of 2018, spoke on behalf of the seniors and freshmen respectively.

As a student who has just entered the second year of college, Ding qiuhao Shared his experiences in the first year of college with the freshmen, try to helping the students to look forward to the new life of the college, and hoped that the students could enjoy the colorful university life.

Lu Ruijie, who graduated from the middle school affiliated to northwest normal university, expressed her joy and expectation to join the international college, and also confessed her tension and anxiety, but she was willing to “set sail” with her classmates and build a future together.

At the end, Wang zihe, an excellent alumnus of the class 2006, who works in the headquarters of PICC, also took the stage to share his learning and working experience with students.

Wang zihe thanked ICB for its cultivation of him. He said that ICB has cultivated his spirit of courage to go forward despite difficulties and perseverance, enabling him to rise to the challenge in his work.

The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu. Deputy Dean wang xiaoyan, assistant Dean Yang zihua, some students' relatives and friends, Chinese and foreign teachers, mentors, counselors and military training instructors attended the ceremony.


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