Faculty Meeting of 2016 held Jan 16

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On Jan 16, faculty and staff attended the faculty meeting of 2016, which was host by Chairwoman Sui Yi.?

On behalf of management board of ICB, Dean Prof. Huang Guanhua delivered an annual report of the college. The report contains three parts. Part one recalled the college work of 2016 form the following 10 main aspects: the 13thfive-year plan of the college; human resource; research on Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools; ICB joint education programs; teaching and education; admission and employment; Party construction and students affairs; college administration work; alumni and labor union of college, etc. In part two, Dean Huang introduced the financial status of the college, which is stable and maintained the basic balance. At last, Dean Huang proposed the work plan of 2016 which will focus on the following four targets: make progress on the joint education programs; enhance the teaching and education quality; delicacy management for the college administration; strengthen party construction work.

Chairwoman Sui Yi reviewed the performance at party construction; students affairs and administration work in the past year and arrange the work during winter vocation. Deputy Dean Xu Tingwu, Deputy Dean Wang Xiaoyan and Associate Dean Yang Zihua delivered a short speech respectively from the aspects of teaching, research, admisntiron, labor union etc.


During the meeting, the college re-elected the committee member of labor union and teachers’ congress. 4 committee candidate for labor union and 3 committee candidate for teachers’ congress were elected under the guidance of Ms Wu Xiaolan on behalf of CAU labor union.?


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