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    出国留学项目 一年级 ENGL1310 & 1410 英语交流技巧 (English Communication Skills) ENGL1320 &1420 英语阅读 (English Reading) ENGL1330 & 1430 英语写作 (English Writing)

  • 对外汉语课程

    Chinese Language ICB’s Chinese Studies is a supporting program that helps international students from different departments to develop the Chinese language skills and Chinese culture awareness. The Chinese Studies Program offers language and culture courses under its own auspices to round out the available offerings. ICB has three levels of Chinese language programs, which include elementary, intermediary and advanced Chinese programs. The Programs provided by the College are aimed at improving the learners communicative skills in Chinese, deepening their understanding of Chinese history, culture and China's status quo, and enabling them to become personnel of good language proficiency and high competitiveness.

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